Top 5 Best F1 drivers Globally

Are you a Formula One fanatic? Well, you may want to know some of the great drivers who have made it to the top rank. For years now, a great number of drivers from all across the globe have participated in different F1 racing competitions and the truth is that it has been so hard to establish who can be termed best. This is because most F1 drivers portray best skills when racing hence making it hard to draw clear cuts between them in terms of ranking.

However, different strategies have been used in developing a list of best F1 drivers. The ranking is done with regard to the number of wins each driver has achieved in different seasons. Skills and tactics also count in the ranking though. Here are the 5 best formula one drivers as at 2013:

1. Sebastian Vettel
It is just incredible that Sebastian has managed to hold the world championship for four consecutive times. Since he joined Formula One, Sebastian has registered nothing short of success. He is regarded as a F1 driver with the ability to drive at very high speed and also make outstanding overtakes and turns. This has seen him enter 2014 as a hard-to-challenge F1 driver yet again. He also has a record of holding 39 wins so far. Read More